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Convenient way at home blood draws

We drive to your location, draw your blood and deliver the specimen to your local Laboratory.

Why Choose our Services

Lovely sticks lab Services is a mobile phlebotomy services that offer a turnkey solution for you to draw blood at your office or home.

Its Private

Essential blood tests and services in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Professional Phlebotomist

Our trained phlebotomist will help deliver quick and accurate diagnoses while ensuring an exceptional patient experience.

Friendly Service

We’re ready to help you enjoy your stick

Blood Draw At Home

Why have your blood drawn at home?
It’s private. It’s convenient. And you won’t have to wait in line.

Our team members have over 20 years of experience and are highly skilled in drawing blood, always with the patient’s comfort and safety as our top priority.

Years Experience
Expert Phlebotomist
Happy Patients

Lovely Sticks Lab Services

Loving Sticks Lab Services provides compassionate care and patient centered treatments for all age groups. Our team of professional phlebotomists are familiar with the HIPAA requirements ensure that your loved one’s health information is protected.

Mobile Lab Services

Schedule your appointment by calling us at 800-536-6331 After your blood is drawn, our phlebotomist will transport your lab specimen to the appropriate laboratory or hospital ordered from your physician for processing.

Mobile Lab Services

We are an on-demand lab services provider. Our customers can book online and quickly make use of our service, which is available when it suits them.

We Provide High Quality Blood draw at your home

Our quality-oriented blood draw lab services are 100% Home Delivery. We provide high quality of blood drawing services at your home or office or wherever it’s convenient. Our phlebotomists are reputed and experienced from various hospitals.


What Our Patients Say

Just the service I have been looking for. Definitely helped my ill father not have to leave the house to have his blood test


They are gentle and caring professionals. I highly recommend to anyone, especially for busy families with children like ours


My wife and i both use this service and couldnt be more pleased. Always on time and always respectful and polite


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    Looking for a reliable lab services to handle your tests? Lovely sticks lab provides one-stop solution for your blood tests.